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Analytical Yoga


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Gayatri Mantra


Om, we be aware of the mystic utterances (bhūḥ – bhuvaḥ – svaḥ) signifying THREE planes: Earth, Mid-region (atmosphere or skies) and Bright Heavens (stars) ALONGWITH their respective chief deities Agni (Fire), Vāyu (Air) [or Indra] and Sūrya (Sun)! Even, the three constituent letters of Om are suggestive of Agni, Vāyu and Sūrya.

Three utterances also rule the three vital airs within body viz. prāṇa (life-giving), apāna (pain-relieving or waste-disposing) and vyāna (pleasure-giving).  

We meditate on the treasured radiance (insights) of God Savitri (Creator/Vitalizer) who stimulates our intelligence (dhī) and leads us on right path.

[What to meditate on! The four Vedas. They are to be regularly recited and meditated on. tatsavitur vareṇyam vedāḥ chandāṃsi (The Gopatha Brahman)  Corn when heated pops and loses its capacity to germinate or grow. So too, in His radiance, we are rid of karma and pain of birth and death cylcles. Our karmas become popcorns.]


[Sound] be speech in my mouth, life-breath in nostrils, sight in eyes, hearing in ears!

Hair may not turn grey and teeth not pale! Much strength may be in arms!


My thighs may be powerful, legs swift, feet steady and firm!

My organs be unharmed; my soul (mind) untainted! (Atharva Veda XIX.60.1-2)


RV X.190.1-3

FROM enkindled Tapas [Brahma-consciousness] were born

Rta (Right, or Truth/Justice in Action) and Satya (Truth or Law);

FROM IT was born the Night (Quiescence, or vikalpa);

FROM IT the Ocean of Water and Ocean of Space. … 1.


From Tapas alone issue forth the Rta (Cosmic Order), the Satya (the Vedas), the Brahmā’s Day (creation or kalpa) and Night (vikalpa) &c. [Night is comparable to sound sleep (sushupti) experienced every night by us.]

What happens or befalls us, even if bitter, is Rta (the Right), because that is the justice/desert dispensed by gods, befitting our past karma plus our current desires.

Satya is principle-based, or, in other words, what should happen. The Vedas are satya. They are Ṛta too, because in accordance with their word alone, the world eventuates.


Under the Oceans of Water and Space,

Was born the Year (samvatsara).

The obvious Controller of Universe then

Brought forth [human] Days and Nights (ahorātra). … 2.


The Creator, as on earlier occasions, created Sun and Moon,

Heavens (stars), Earth, Mid-region and the Heaven. … 3.

The bright, bodyless, scarless, sinewless, pure, unpierced by evil, He has become all this.  He is the Seer (kavi), Thinker, Realiser (becoming all this), Self-existent. From time without beginning, He has throughout revealed the Vedas (knowledge, or Word) and, in conformance with the Vedas, ordered objects (World) [true to their nature as signified in the Vedas]. (YV 40.8)

[The word for object in Sanskrit is padārtha (=pada+artha). That suggests that objects have origin in speech.]



RV X.121.1-3,5,10

In the beginning, the conceived ‘Golden Embryo’ emerged as Sole Lord of beings;

He upheld this earth and the heavens;

That Lord of Creatures (Ka) we revere with oblation or thoughtful surrender.


Giver of self-concept and Self-realisation [alternatively, vital breath] and giver of vigour,

Whose rule gods and the world without fail obey;

Whose refuge is immortality, death otherwise; That Lord &co.


Who by his unparallel grandeur became Sole Ruler of all that breathe and blink;

Who is the Lord of men and cattle; That Lord &co.


By whom are created firm earth and bright stars, and Svaḥ and Nāka worlds;

Who spans the entire space between, That Lord &co.


O Prajāpati (Lord of Creatures), none other than you embodies all these creations;

Desires with which we pray to you, may we all [not I alone] earn those!

May we be lords [not slaves] of riches!


He is our Kin, Creator, and Ordainer; He comprehends all beings and realms;

In whom gods obtaining life eternal rose to the third [highest] realm. (YV 32.10)


Know Him as One, Purusha resting in all …

In the Immutable Highest Heaven [Om or Brahma] extolled by sacred Ṛc (Rig Veda mantra),

In whose sovereignty the gods [keepers of cosmic yajńa or order] bide in repose;

What will one not knowing That [Brahma] do with the sacred Ṛc!

They who know That undoubtedly attain the privileged haven. (RV I.164.39)


They call [Him] Indra, Mitra, Varuna, Agni

Who is Divine, Suparṇa (good-winged), Garutmān.

Wise express One Existence (Sat) in many ways;

They call [Him] Agni, Yama, Mātariśvan. (RV I.164.46)


[Note: Devas (gods) like Indra, Agni, Vishnu, Brahmā (Prajāpati), etc. should be called the Indra, the Agni, the Vishnu, the Brahmā (the Prajāpati), etc. Unlike Brahma/Purusha/Ātmā (the Universal Self), their term is fixed. Their names are class nouns. Collectively they act as keepers of the cosmic order.]


That alone is Agni, That is Āditya,

That is Vāyu, That alone is Candramas (Moon);

That alone is brilliant Śukra, That is Apas (Waters),

That is Brahma, That is Prajāpati (Lord of Creature, Brahmā). (YV 32.1)


That Deva [Brahma] pervades all directions,

He alone, per convention (ha), was born in the beginning [of kalpa, creation cycle],

Now He alone is in womb [or heart];

He but none other was born and will be born in future [kalpa].

He, the Witness (Pratyaṋ), sits in his subjects, facing all directions. (YV 32.4)


From Purusha Hymn


Thousand heads has the Purusha,

So too He has thousand eyes and thousand feet;

Pervading earth on all sides and heart measuring ten fingers (spanning ten senses).

He yet exceeds all— within and without. (RV X.90.1)


Purusha is verily all this that exists,

What had been or ought to be.

He even exceeds the body that grows with food.

Indeed, the Lord of Immortality He is! (RV X.90.2)


Such (aforesaid) is His pre-eminence,

Greater still stands the Purusha.

A quarter of Him is all beings that could have been;

Three quarters of Him sits immortal in heaven. (RV X.90.3)

[‘A quarter’ could be explained as the first quarter (waking state) of the Mandukya Upanishad. ‘Three quarters’ possibly refer to the three immutables: Brahma (Universal Consciousness), Jīva (limited individual) and Prakṛti (Nature).]


Contemplating First-born Purusha (primal source of all) in the heart or sacrifice,

Gods, Rishis and perfected ones (sādhyas) venerated Him as Yajńa (= Venerable). (RV .90.7)


From Venerable Purusha invoked by all,

Issued forth the c (or Rik) and Sāma hymns.

From Him issued the Atharva hymns,

So too from Him issued the Yajus hymns. (RV X.90.9)

With Yajńa (comprising offerings of objects that belong to none other than Purusha),

The gods worshipped (sacrificed) the Yajńa Purusha (the Venerable One manifesting all and still exceeding);

These verily became the primary dicta (dharmas) [like Brahmacharya (or treating all as Brahma)].

Those gods became eminent ones and attained the highest heaven (nāka)

Where the former gods and perfected ones already dwell. (RV X.90.16)


I know this Purusha of gigantic dimensions,

Golden like our celestial Sun, in striking contrast to darkness (tamas);

Knowing Him alone, one can surpass death;

Alternative course there exists none. (YV 31.18)


Prajāpati (Lord of Creatures) moves within the womb;

Unborn He is born in multitudes of forms.

The wise comprehensively see His origin

In whom verily all the worlds rest. (YV 31.19)


Elegance (Śrī) and Fortune (Lakshmī) are your consorts; days and nights (ahorātra) your sides; constellations your form; two Aśvins (Sun-Moon) your open jaws.

For me wishing, fulfil my wish for that! Fulfil my wish for the whole universe! (YV 31.22)


Break Karma Cycle

If Lord is, you are not.

Then partake in Lord’s glory.

[You are something; or you do, can do or own/control things! That is yo­ur perception – an illusion (māyā); that runs contrary to the concept and reality of Lord (Īśvara). Shed this illusion.

Always Remember. You do not do!  You have no choice. Every moment ideas drive you into action or non-action! Rid yourself of thoughts of me‘n’myness.  Be nir-mama and nir-ahamkāra.

Realise and remind yourself as a-kartri (non-doer). So partake in Lord’s glory.]


Two fair-winged birds [being conscious] connected by friendly bond

Take shelter on the same fig-tree;

One of the two eats [passionately] sweet fruit of the tree

While the other [unattached] simply witnesses. (RV I.164.20)

On the same tree, (former) bird, which is purusha only, grieves deluding  his lack of mastery;

When he understands the other as Lord and Majestic, he too is freed of grief for ever. (Shvetashvara Upanishad 4.7)


Whatsoever existing in this changing world (jagat =going) is pervaded by Lord (Īś).

In surrender to Him, enjoy! Do not [in vain] covet anyone’s riches! (YV 40.1)

[All belongs to true Lord.  All this world around is non-self (an-ātma); not you.  Things are not you. Things are not yours!]

Doing verily (kurvan eva) works in this world, live a life of hunderd years.

Thus, for you there exists no other route as to escape blame of karma! (YV 40.2)

[True servant is obligated to carry out master’s commands. He thus incurs no liability for carrying out his allotted duty faithfully. It is not your Karma! Life indeed is not your choice!]



[Gods may guard us from six directions! Agni is the lord of east, Indra of south, Varuna of west, Soma of north, Vishnu of below, Brihaspati of above! See details in AV III.27.1-6.]


Sūrya (the Sun Superior) is the Self of Universe

Sun does not illuminate Him, nor the Moon does, nor stars,

Nor these lightnings illuminate Him, what to speak of this fire!

All replicate Him, the Luminous. All indeed shine in His brilliance. (Katha Upanishad 5.15)


Looking for transcendent Sva, that is above darkness,

We have arrived at immensely luminous Sun, the God of gods. (YV 35.14)


To Him, the God, Knower of the Vedas (Jātavedas),

His creations unmistakably point

So the world could clearly see. (RV I.50.10)


Among gods has risen the Sūrya (Sun Superior)

The panoramic eye (or sight) of gods Mitra, Varuṇa and Agni;

That pervades the heaven, earth and mid-regions;

That is the Soul of all that is moving and stationary. So is rightly said (svāhā). (RV I.115.1)


Face of Truth is hidden by the Saviour Prajāpati (Hiranyagarbha).

[Or, face of Truth is hidden under glittering cover. Greed remians the stumbling block!]

The Purusha over there, there [in Sun], That I am.

Om Brahma is all-encompassing (kha). (YV 40.17)


One Pure, Beginningless God — that is the sight within all, beneficial to all, manifest in each object and still exceeding;

May we see Him in all for hundred years (autumns)!  May we live up to His will for hundred years!  May we hear Him for hundred years!  May we speak about Him for hundred years!  May we not be ill-fated for hundred years!  May this continue beyond hundred years too! (YV 36.24)


Salutation to Peaceful (full of śam) and Bountiful (full of mayas); salutation to Pacifier (śam-giver) and Bounteous (mayas-giver);

Salutation to Auspicious (śiva) and More Auspicious [whose auspiciousness is unsurpassed]! (YV 16.41)

[Here word śiva is used as adjective (auspicious/agreeable), and not as particular god.]

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