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Svasti Mantras



Gayatri Mantra

Om, we be aware of the mystic utterances (bhūḥ – bhuvaḥ – svaḥ) signifying three planes: Earth, Mid-region and Bright Heavens with their respective deities Agni (Fire), Vāyu (Air) and Sūrya (Sun)! Even, three constituent letters of Om are suggestive of Agni, Vāyu and Sūrya.

Three utterances also rule the three vital airs within body viz. prāṇa (life-giving), apāna (pain-relieving) and vyāna (pleasure-giving).  

We meditate on glorious Savitri (Creator) who  stimulates our intelligence (dhī) and leads us on right path.

[What to meditate on! The four Vedas. They are to be regularly recited and meditated on. tatsavitur vareṇyam vedāḥ chandāṃsi (The Gopatha Brahman)]


Certainly, that Savitri Bhaga bestows treasures on devout surrenderor.

That mysterious grace we solict. (RV V.82.3)

O God Savitri, impart your divine grace/felicity to us today as for your subjects/progeny.  Remove evil dream [= personal will, or saṃkalpa]. (RV V.82.4)

O God Savitri, eject all vices from us. Endow us with what is auspicious/virtuous! (RV V.82.5)


Surrender to Agni (primary god) …

to lead us and bestow medhā (intuition) on us

I laud Agni, who is front placed (Purohita) [to lead us],

God of yajńa and the Priest,

The Summoner [of gods for yajńa (Sacrifice)],

Brilliant bearer of treasures (ratna). (RV I.1.1)

[Yajńa (Sacrifice) (that sustains cosmic order) does not fall within human (egoistic) sphere. That explains invocation or surrender to Agni.]


O Agni, you are appointed by gods as the Summoner in all the yajńas (sacrifices) for the human race. (RV VI.16.1)

O Agni, you lauded Summoner (should) come and be seated in our heart or at sacrifice,

For showering light and gifts on us. (RV VI.16.10)

May He, like father to son, be of friendly approach to us!

O Agni, accept us for beneficence (svasti). (RV I.1.9)

O Agni, lead us on right paths as you know raison d’etre of all works;

Purge us of devious attraction of sin; to you we submit our profoundest adorations. (YV 40.16)

Intuitive intelligence for which gods and ancestors together solicit. 

O Agni, bestow that divine intelligence upon me today – it is truly said. (YV 32.14)


To All Gods

Noble intentions/powers may attend us from all corners,

That are unharming, indispensable and uplifing;

So as saviour Gods promote for long our learning and assemblies for the purpose! (RV I.89.1)

May the insight of Gods make our life easy and noble!

May the bounty of gracious Gods descend on us!

We may secure auspicious favour of the Gods!

Gods may extend our life so we live long! (RV I.89.2)

May Indra [god of war, weather, and illumined mind], who is

Illustrious and gifted with inspirations, be well disposed to us!

May Pūshan (Fosterer) shower on us all the riches material and psychological!

May Tārkshya (Lightning/Electricity) make our course unhampered and safe!

May Brihaspati (magnificent Lord of Speech and the Vedas) shower His grace on us! (RV I.89.6)

O Gods, may we hear only what is noble (bhadra)! 

O altruist sacrificers, may we see only what is auspicious (bhadra)!

May we be gifted with sturdy limbs and bodies lauding you and

Enjoying god-allotted life span committed to service of gods, or promotion of all life, (deva-hita)! (RV I.89.8)

O Indra, live long. O Sūrya, live long. O Gods, live long.

So I may live along. I should run the full cycle of life. (AV XIX.70.1)

O Ignorance-dispeller, make me strong. Long may I live in your vision (or supervision)!

Long may I live in your vision (or supervision)! (YV 36.19)

Maurts may soak me well, so may Pūshan (Fosterer),

So may Brihaspati (magnificent Lord of the Vedas);

So may Agni soak me— with subjects and progeny, with riches (dhana)!

And extend my life span! (AV VII.33.1)  

For day and night, for Nakshatras (28 zodiacal divisions), for Sun and Moon,

For us, produce good luck (literally, good day or time), O Celestial Sovereign! (YV VI.128.2)

Blessed and pleasant be my morning, evening, day, animals and birds (omens)!

O Agni (leader), bless us with lovely and incessant svasti (well-being), again and again. (AV XIX.8.3)

For whom the Manu, aided with kindled Agni and seven priests (summoners),

Thoughtfully offered oblation [of Speech];

Those Ādityas [12 solar months] bless us and make us fear-free and

Our paths noble and straight for our redemption (Svasti)! (RV X.63.7)

The discerning and perceptive Gods minutely exercise sway over

The entire moving and unmoving world;

They may guard us against sins committed or uncommitted for our redemption! (RV X.63.8)

In battles we invoke the heavenly Indra who

Gladly and promptly responds to deliver us from evil;

For superior perception and Svasti, (we invoke)

Leader Agni, friendly Mitra, Vanuna (prudent, vast and generous),

Bhaga (Felicity), the Earth and the Heavens. (RV X.63.9)

Eject disease, move away incivility;

Remove lack of generosity; eliminate feelings of ill will and harm.

Gods may weed out of us the hostilities

And shower ample composure on us for our well-being (Svasti)! (RV X.63.12)

Unscathed by virtue of observing the Law (dharma),

That mortal thrives in this world and extends his clan;

Whom the Ādityas lead under their meritorious guidance

Through all the evils to eternal Bliss (Svasti). (RV X.63.13)

Blessed be our paths and deserts;

Delighting and blessed be the waterways and battles!

Blessed be the wombs that carry our progeny;

O Maruts, bear for us weal for our well-being. (RV X.63.15)

The noblest and richest Svasti guides our journey to Bliss through mysterious ways.

Protected by Gods, It may stay with us and protect us at home and in forest! (RV X.63.16)

May twin Aśvins and Bhaga create health and happiness (Svasti) for us,

And so create goddess Aditi the Svasti that is overwhelming!

The Asura (life-giving) Pūshan may foster Svasti for us!

Svasti throughout prevail from wise Heaven and Earth! (RV V.51.11)

We invoke Vayu for Svasti (efficacy),

For Svasti (felicity), Soma, Lord of all worlds/beings.

(We invoke) for Svasti Brihaspati (Lord of Speech and the Vedas) with entire entourage,

Ādityas [12 months] ought to bring Svasti for us. (RV V.51.12)

All-Gods may vouchsafe Svasti for us this day,

So too the Universal Agni (seated in each being) and Vasu.

Gods Ṛbhus too bring Svasti for us,

Ensuring Svasti, Rudra may protect us from sin! (RV V.51.13)

O Mitra-Varuna, hail (Svasti)! O wealthy Pathya (right course), hail!

Indra and Agni grant us Svasti! O Aditi [Holy Speech], you bestow Svasti on us. (RV V.51.14)

Like Sun and Moon we may follow the right course!

Repeatedly, we may confer with caring and sharing scholars that intend no harm! (RV V.51.15)


Calm and Kind be the Gods…

Unworthy, disgracing prosperity (lakshmī) that has taken over me, like tree by the creeper.

O Savtitri, shake that off us, while giving us virtuous money (vasu) with your golden hand. (AV VII.115.2)

101 disgracing lakshmīs (omens) are inborn with the mortal from birth.

The most sinful we shake off from ourselves.

O Jātavedas (Knower of Creations), provide us with the auspicious ones (śiva). (AV VII.115.3)

O Rudra Tryambaka (Supevisor over three times), we pray for the wonderful vigour.

Deliver us from Death [disease and ignorance] but not from Immortality (Vidyā),

Like cucumber when snapped off creeper still carries life-enhancing nectar. (RV VII.59.12)

[We may live a long and happy life. However, when we drop the mortal cloak, we still should carry the immortal lot (Vidyā) like cucumber]


He makes for us the Mid-region fearless; fearless Earth and Sun (stars/heavens).

Fearlessness for us may prevail behind, front, above and below! (AV XIX.15.5)

There be fearlessness from friend and foe;

Fearlessness from known and unknown (indirect)!

Fearless be night and fearless day; all directions be friendly to us! (AV XIX.15.6)

Salutation to Peaceful and Bountiful; salutation to Pacifier and Bounteous;

Salutation to Auspicious and More Auspicious [whose auspiciousness is unsurpassed]!

[Here word śiva is used as adjective (auspicious/agreeable), and not as particular god.] (YV 16.41)

Indra rules the whole universe.

May He be kind to our bipeds (two-footed) and our quadrupeds (four-footed)! (YV 36.8)

Gracious to us be friendly Mitra and prudent Varuna,

Gracious to us be judicious Aryaman!

Gracious to us be heroic Indra and sagacious Brihaspati;

Gracious be Vishnu with mammoth steps! (YV 36.9)

Pleasantly may the wind blow for us, pleasantly the Sun warm us! 

Pleasantly, the thurndering God Parjanya (cloud) send the rain on us. (YV 36.10)

Pleasant for us be days; pleasantly for us may approach the nights!
Kind to us be the keepers Indra and Agni; gracious be Indra and Varuna with their bounties!

May Indra and Pūshan nourish us for battle;

Indra and Soma may vouchsafe health, cheer and comfort for us! (YV 36.11)

Beneficial and calm (śam) for us be the divine Apas (Waters and Achievers/Learned) providing desired security and strength. They shower on us making us serene and fearless. (YV 36.12)

[Apas vouchsafe immortality.]

May Bright Heavens alleviate, Air (or Mid-region) alleviate, Earth alleviate, Waters (Apas) alleviate, Plants alleviate, Trees alleviate All Gods alleviate, Brahma (the Veda) alleviate, whole universe alleviate, alleviation too alleviate! May that alleviation come to me! (YV 36.17)

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