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Shanti Sukta

(śānti sūkta)

Shanti is the nature that abides. Disturbance and agitation (the opposites of Shanti) are passing.

Calm and kind be the Bright Heavens (Dyau), calm the Earth [to us], calm this vast Space (Mid-Region)!

Calm be the lofty Waters (Apas); calm for us be the Herbs! ...1


Gentle be the portents (forewarnings) or past karma; gentle be for us the actions done now and yet to be done!

Gentle be that has happened and that is approaching; all indeed be gentle to us! ...2


This speech that is divine, Supreme-inspirited and Brahma-inspired; it may itself alleviate the horrendous act (ghora) created through its use! ...3


This mind of yours that is Supreme-inspirited and Brahma-inspired; it may itself alleviate the horrendous act (ghora) created through its use! ...4


These five senses [rather organs of action] together with mind (six in all); those are within me and are Brahma-inspired.

They may themselves alleviate the horrendous act (ghora) created through their use! ...5

[Be mindful/aware next time when you use speech, mind and senses. Of course, DO NOT utter, intend or act evil. Even when unfavourable befalls, you can objectively investigate the factors. BUT STILL MERITORIOUS is not to express or even harbour resentment against Divine Justice/Desert.]

Gracious to us be friendly Mitra and provident Varuna, Gracious be pervasive Vishnu and Prajāpati (Lord of Creatures)!

Gracious to us be heroic and majestic Indra and sagacious Brihaspati;

Gracious to us be Aryamā granting justice and honour! ...6

[Mitra is the master of day and in-breath (Prana); Varuna of night and out-breath or waste-rejection (Apana).] 


Gentle to us be Mitra, Varuna, Vivasvān (Moralist) and Antaka (God of Death)! Gentle be disturbances earthly and aerial;

Gentle to us be celestial bodies (planets)! ...7


Gentle to us be earthquakes; gentle be what is struck by meteor! Gracious be cows by yielding red (nourishing) milk; gentle be the Earth sinking! ...8


Gentle to us be the Constellation stricken by meteor; alleviate our transgressions; the duties alleviate!

Calm be the cavities/tunnels undergroud; calm the meteors; calm down for us the coups! ...9


Kind to us be Constellations visited by Moon; kind the Sun along with Rāhu! Kind to us be deadly Ketu; kind the heavenly bodies (rudras) bright and potential! ...10


Auspicious be the Rudras (Screamers/Wailers), auspicious the Vasus (Establishers), Auspicious the Ādityas (solar months or sovereign principles), auspicious the Agnis!

Gracious to us be godlike Great Seers (ṛshis),

Gracious the Gods, Gracious be Brihaspati (Lord of Vedas)! ...11


Brahma, Prajāpati, Dhātā (Upholder), Worlds, Vedas, the Seven Sages (ṛshis), Agnis.

By them is made my course of life (ayana) blessed!

May Indra grant me his blessed protection (śarma)! May Brahmā grant me his blessed protection!

May All-Gods grant me their blessed protection! May all the Gods (or god-like people) grant me their blessed protection! ...12

[Seven Sages also refer to 7 openings in the face: mouth (speech), 2 nostrils, 2 eyes and 2 ears.]

Whoever/whatever are calm and kind, that Seven Sages are aware of; All those be kind to me! I be blessed (Svasti)! I be fearless! ...13    

Earth (may) alleviate, Mid-region alleviate, Heaven alleviate, Waters alleviate, Herbs alleviate, Trees alleviate, All-Gods alleviate for me, all the Gods may alleviate! Alleviation may alleviate with alleviations! With those allevaitions and all alleviations, we alleviate all that is horrendous (ghora), all that is cruel (krūra), all that is sin (pāpa). That be gentle! That be auspicious (śiva)! All indeed be gentle to us! ...14 [Source: the Atharva Veda XIX.9.1-14]

KIND TO US BE the keepers Indra and Agni; gracious be Indra and Varuna with desired bounties!

May Indra and Soma vouchsafe health, comfort and bliss for us!

May Indra and Pūshā nourish us for battle! ...1


Gracious to us be Bhaga (Lord of Fortune); gracious the praise (prayer)!

Auspicious be our intellect; auspicous our riches!

Auspicious to us be the praise of truthful and righteous;

Kind and well-accepted by the Aryamā (Justice)! ...2


Kind to us be the Creator (Dhātā) and Sustainer (Dhartā);

Favourable be the Vast (Nature) with its provisions!

Calm be the Sun and Earth (Rodasī); calm the rain clouds (Adri)!

Favourable to us be the invocations of Gods! ...3


Auspicious to us be Agni (Leader) whose light (guidance) is our might (army)!

Auspicious to us be Mitra-Varuna and the two Aświns!

Favourable to us be good deeds of the righteous!

Favourably blow for us the speeding Wind! …4


Kind to us be the first called Sun and Earth; kind the mid-region for our vision!

Kind to us be the Herbs and the Forests; kind to us the Triumphant Lord of all worlds (and their beings)! …5


Auspicious to us be Indra with 8 Vasus (Establishers); auspicious for us the well-praised Varuna with other Ādityas (sovereign principles)!

Auspicious for us be the fulfiller Rudra (Individual Self) with other 10 Rudras (Screamers/Wailers)!

Auspicious for us be Tvashā with the praises! …6

[Ādityas are sons of Aditi (Upholder of Ṛta, or Divine Order). They are: Varuna (Gods' Favour or Fate), Mitra (Friend), Aryaman/Aryamā/(Honour/Justice), Daksha (Effector of Rites) [alternatively, Dhātṛ/Dhātā (Upholder)], Bhaga (Bliss), Amśa (Ritual Share Giver), Trashtṛ/Tvashtā (Shaper/Technologist), Pūshan/Pūshā (Fosterer/Nourisher), Vivsavat/Vivasvān (Righteous/Moralist), Savitṛ/Savitā (Vitalizer/Inspirer), Śakra (Potent), Vishṇu (Pervader).]

Soma (Moon) may bless us; Brahma (the Veda) bless us!

Auspicious to us be Grāvāṇas (clouds or stones); auspicious to us the yajńas!

Auspicious to us be the yajńa pillars; auspicious the herbs; auspicious the altar! …7


Auspicious to us be the Sun with its vast vision; auspicious to us the four directions!

Auspicious to us be the firm mountains; auspicious to us the rivers; auspicious the waters! …8


Kind to us be Aditi (the eternal Veda) with its ascetic disciplines (vratas)!

Kind to us be Maruts with their good counsel/praise!

Kind be Vishnu to us; kind to us Pūshā; kind Bhavitra (Desire); kind Vāyu! …9


Benign to us be the protective Savitā god; benign to us the bright Ushas (Dawn)!

Benign be Parjanjya (Cloud) for all beings; benign to us be Lord of Kshetra (of world or field)! …10


Kind to us be meritorious All Gods!

Kind be Sarasvatī (Holy Speech) with her stimulating visions!

Kind be the gifts spiritual and material!

Kind to us be the entities territorial, marine and aerial! …11


Kind to us be the lords (implementers) of Truth (Satya)!

Kind to us be power with its means (or actions); kind the cows (or thoughts)!

Kind to us be the intelligent people righteous and skilful!

Kind for us be Forebears to our invitations! …12


Kind to us be the Unborn wherein the world forms one quarter!

Kind to us be Rain Cloud; kind the Ocean!

Kind to us be footless boat that takes us across!

Kind to us be Space protected by Gods! …13


Those who are revered among gods, (are) the mind of altruists;

The celebrated, immortal, and knowers of Law;

They may give us the well-sung Knowledge.

You ever protect/nurture us with blessings. …15 [Source: the Rig Veda VII.35]

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