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  The Isha Upanishad


Om, Isha vasyam idam sarvam … (as it appears in the Yajur Veda)

By Lord pervadable (or habitable) all this …

Whatsoever existing in this changing world (jagat =going) is pervaded by Lord.

In surrender to Him, enjoy! Do not [in vain] covet anyone’s riches! ¶1

Hint: All belongs to true Lord. All this world around is non-self (un-Ātman). Things are neither yours nor you.

Doing verily (kurvan eva) works in this world, live a life of hunderd years.

Thus, for you there exists no other route as to escape blame of karma! ¶2

Hint: True servant is obligated to carry out master’s commands. He thus incurs no liability for carrying out his allotted duty faithfully. It is not your Karma! Life indeed is not your choice.

Demonic are the worlds, enclosed in utter darkness;

Whereto head the Self-destroyers [who violate above dicta],

Even when they depart from here. ¶3

(That Lord is) unmoving, one, outrunning mind;

The gods (and senses) [manifest only at creation] can not grasp the Primeval One.

Standing he surpasses others in the race,

Under his aegis, Mātarisvan (Vayu) upholds works. ¶4

That [Lord] moves, That moves not, That is far, That is near.

This is within all, That indeed is outside of all too. ¶5

One who sees all beings as Self (Ātman) alone

And self in all beings, does not fear and suspect. ¶6

For one if all beings become as Self alone,

Then what delusion and what sorrow can attend him,

Realising ONENESS everywhere! ¶7

Bright, bodyless, scarless, sinewless, pure, unpierced by evil, He has become all this.

He is eloquent Seer (kavi), Thinker, Realiser (becoming all this), Self-existent. 

From time without beginning, He has throughout revealed the Vedas (knowledge, or Word) and, in conformance with the Vedas, Ordered objects (World) [true to their nature as signified in the Vedas]. ¶8

Hint: Object in Sanskrit is called padārtha (=pada+artha). That suggests objects have origin in speech.

Utter darkness do those enter who [extroverts or hedonists] seek asambhooti (material pursuits);

Deeper darkness those enter, who seek sambhooti alone [withdrawal or renunciation]. ¶9

Others are said to be the fruits of sambhooti; others are said to be of asambhooti;

So we heard from the sages who kindly distinguished the two for us. ¶10

But one who realises the value of both sambhooti and asambhooti;

After crossing death with asambhooti, enjoys immortality with sambhooti. ¶11

Hints: (1) Renounce or hoard? Either alone may not be the right course. Remember: all belongs to Lord.

(2) Closing line suggests: Begin with asambhuti to realise true Self, but then, with sambhuti, realise all as manifestation/expansion of Self.

Utter darkness do those enter who seek avidya (ignorance or livelihood skill);

Deeper darkness those enter, who seek vidya [knowledge] alone. ¶12

Others are said to be the fruits of vidya; others are said to be of avidya;

So we heard from the sages who kindly distinguished the two for us. ¶13

But one who knows (and pursues) vidya and avidya together;

After crossing death with avidya, enjoys immortality with vidya. ¶14

Vayu (life-breath) merges with the immortal Anila (Air); body ends in ashes.

Om Kratu (individual), remember. Remember your acts. Remember your constraint. ¶15

Hint: The individual acts against Divine Will. That exactly is his sin.

O Agni, lead us on right paths as you know raison d’etre of all works;

Purge us of devious attraction of sin; to you we submit our profoundest adorations. ¶16

Face of Truth is hidden by the Saviour Prajāpati (Hiranyagarbha).

[Or face of Truth is hidden under glittering cover. Greed is the stumbling block!]

The Purusha over there, there [in Sun], That I am. 

Om, Brahma is all-encompassing (kha). ¶17 Finis.

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