Analytical Yoga
Analytical Yoga


Holy Speech (Jńāna)

Never be slack in the study of the Vedas

The Rig Veda X.71

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O Brihaspati (Lord of the Vedas and Speech), among speeches,

The one that is primal (first), eminent, impeccable and revealed [by You] as an act of grace

Lay hidden within the heart cave. That Holy Speech gave precise names to objects. …1

[The name for object in Sanskrit is padārtha (=pada+artha). That suggests that objects have origin in speech.]


Like sieving of corn flour, sagacious scrupulously uttered the Speech;

They understood the merited relation between words and meanings (sakhya).

Their Speech alone bears what is noble (bhadra) and fortunate (lakshmī). …2

People keen to track true meaning of Speech,

With Yajňa (sacrifice) they discovered Her dwelling in sages (ṛshis).

Adopting Her, they then propagated Her

That goes draped in seven sacred poetic metres. …3

One ordinarily seeing may not see Speech,

One ordinarily hearing may not even hear Her.

While for one She may reveal Herself completely

Like well-dressed young maid fondly does for her lover. …4


One called eloquent in assemblies of the learned

May still be lacking in profundities of Speech.

Such person merely verbose and vain

Digs in speech that bears no flower or fruit. …5


Who forsakes auspicious and enlightening study of the Vedas [svādhyāya]

Has his speech lacking in merit and bliss (bhāga).

Whatever he listens, he listens in vain;

Nor he knows the path (secret) of right (liberating) deeds. …6


Similar in eyes, ears and demeanour, still people vary in intellectual wisdom,

Just like bath-tanks of head or shoulder depth, with water not worth drinking. …7


The learned passionately pursue thought objects;

The intellectuals whereas investigate rationally;

Both these do leave behind some who fail to measure up to them. …8


Those who secure neither this world nor next

Nor do they faithfully or ritually pursue the Vedas;

Stumbling on speech fabricated and fallacious (pāpa),

Deservedly they make living that is of course menial. …9


All learned friends hale their friend

Who in debates comes victorious and decisive.

But the one who averts sin and donates food

Is the one who truly outshines all of them. …10

[Practice is better than mere profession.]


Among four priests, Hotā rallies the Ṛcs (Riks);

Udgātā sings the Sāmas during yajńa.

While Adhvaryu actually prepares for the yajńa [using Yajus hymns];

Fourth priest Brahmā addresses its direction [using appropriate Atharva hymns]. …11

[This suggests that the four Vedas alone comprise the Holy Speech and are objects of svādhyāya (faithful study).]

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