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Analytical Yoga


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Hardev S. Thakur

Author & Acharya

Acharya is one in Vedic tradition professing

and practising right/exemplary conduct. 


This is Pranayama mantra, also called extended Gayatri Mantra.


Om bhūḥ Om bhuvaḥ Om svaḥ Om mahaḥ Om janaḥ Om tapaḥ Om satyam

Om bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥtatsavitur vareṇyam bhargo devasya dhīmahidhiyo yo naḥ pracodayāt

Om āpo jyotī raso’ amṛtam brahma bhūr-bhuvaḥ-svar om


Hints for first line:

Here are enumerated the seven vyāhritis (holy utterances).

Om Earth (along with it chief god Agni, Fire)

Om Mid-region (along with its chief god Vayu, Air)

Om Bright Heavens (along with its chief god  Āditya, Sun)

Om Great/Boundless [Brahma (the Universal Self), other deities are limbs]

Om Bliss/Infinite

Om Austerity [Brahma-consciousness]

Om Truth



Om food, life-breath, mind, intellect, bliss, consciousness, and truth, respectively. Om pervades all regions.


Take coverings (masks) off of food, breath, mind and intellect. Realise Self as bliss, consciousness and truth! 


Hints for second line:

Om, we become aware of all the three planes/regions! We meditate on the treasured radiance (insights) of God Savitri (Creator) [as sung in the Vedas].  May He stimulate our intelligence [on right paths]!


Corn when heated pops and loses its capacity to germinate or grow. So too, in His radiance, we are rid of karma and pain of birth and death cycles. Our karmas become popcorns.


Hints for third line:

Om, He is Waters (particles, or even learned people), Light (radiance), Flavour (Bliss, or Soma), Immortal Brahma, and the three planes/regions: Earth, Mid-region (atmosphere) and Bright Heavens (stars).


Yoga is hands-on (empirical) realisation. Join us 8-10 AM on Sundays. Committed enthusiasts can benefit by getting personal training and personal instruction through the Veda and Gita talks.

People interested can also purcahse my book (Yoga: An Analytical Release) from at price of NZ$35.00 (inclusive GST) plus postage if any.

Contact for enquiries about book and/or programme by email (, phone (+64 9267 9265), or post (Analytical Yoga Ltd., 11 Waimai Avenue, Weymouth, Manukau 2103, Auckland).



Sometimes in life a door opens, you walk through it, and you enter a world that somehow you knew existed but finding a genuine tutor eluded you.

This is the world of Hardev Thakur (Master Yogi) where Yoga philosophy, exercises, meditation, and breathing are all taught in his usual quiet patient manner.  Where ego is replaced with selfless compassion and wisodom; confusion with clarity; and today's desire for money with his love of humanity.  

I met Hardev about 2-3 months ago, so am very much a beginner.  Previously I attended seminars costing hundreds of dollars, bought different CDs all of dubious quality.

They say 'when the pupil is ready, the master appears.'  He did!  And for that I will always be eternally grateful.  Hamish of Creations (phone: 09 266 9960), Manurewa, Auckland (14 Dec 2008)

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