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Give Way to Divine Will


Evil Dream Dispeller Hymn

Mental pursuit is erroneous in nature

The Rig Veda X.164.1-5

O Dream, we know your origin; you are the son of Calamity (literally, un-right);

you are the instrument of Yama (God of Death).

You are [indeed] Finisher (i.e. Yama). You are Death. O Dream, we know you so well. 

O Dream, that you may protect us from evil dream! (Atharva Veda XVI.5.4)



O mental trip (stumble)! Make way, move away, fly off.

Presage unforeseen Error (un-right). Man’s mind behaves in myriad ways...1



People seek auspicious boon, they strive for auspicious mastery;

They regard Sun as auspicious. Man’s mind roams myriad places...2

[Averting bad and seeking good is a mental trip or pitfall (saṃkalpa)! Bad brings in misery. Good can bring in ego, or it could be our perception. Save us from seeking good too! For example, a boon of mere long life could end up with your near and dear ones departing before you do.]



Wittingly, unwittingly, and obsessively, we while waking and dreaming entertain whatever;

Agni may eliminate those unworthy wrongdoings (intentions) from us! ...3



O Indra, O Lord of the Vedas and Universe,

When we [possessed by mental trip] are tempted to rebel,

May the discerning Āngirasa protect us from the sin of (inner) enemies! ...4

[Alternatively, we rebel because we are not surrendered.]



(We) vanquished [ill omen], became today [what we aspired]. And we are sin-free.

[For] waking and dream pursuit of mind (sam-kalpa)

[being speculative in nature] is erroneous (pāpa).

That be pastime of our opponents or of those who hate/oppose us! ...5


Śiva Saṃkalpa Hymn

My Mind be Vehicle of Divine Will or be Aware of Śiva/Self

The Yajur Veda 34.1-6

My god-inspirited [dāiva] mind that roams places near and far, while awake and in dreams;

Light of lights (or who is primary among senses), the one; that my mind be &co...1


The faculty with which the sagacious carry out sacrifices and with which the resolutes determine issues in the assemblies of learned;

Beginningless, the divine within beings; that my mind be &co...2


That is immortal light biding within all beings as intelligence, cognition ‘n’ resolution; the coaxing will behind each act; that my mind be &co...3


The enduring genius that grasps objects gone-by, current, and forthcoming; tnd that elaborates sacrifice of seven priests; that my mind be &co...4


In which the three Vedas converge, like spokes of wheel joined to hub; all cognitions where merge and emerge; that my mind be &co...5 


As adroit charioteer reins in agile horses, so does mind drive and control men; sitting within and still outrunning all; that my mind be &co...6



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