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Creation Suktas

The Rig Veda, X.190.1-3

FROM enkindled Tapas [Brahma-consciousness] were born

Rta (Right, or Truth/Justice in Action) and Satya (Truth or Law);

FROM IT was born the Night (Quiescence, or vikalpa);

FROM IT the Ocean of Water and Ocean of Space. … 1.


From Tapas alone issue forth the Rta (Cosmic Order), the Satya (the Vedas), the Brahmā’s Day (creation or kalpa) and Night (vikalpa) &c. [Night is comparable to sound sleep (sushupti) experienced every night by us.]

What happens or befalls us, even if bitter, is Rta (the Right), because that is the justice/desert dispensed by gods, befitting our past karma plus our current desires.

Satya is principle-based, or, in other words, what should happen. The Vedas are satya. They are Ṛta too, because in accordance with their word alone, the world eventuates.


Under the Oceans of Water and Space,

Was born the Year (samvatsara).

The obvious Controller of Universe then

Brought forth [human] Days and Nights (ahorātra). … 2.


The Creator, as on earlier occasions, created Sun and Moon,

Heavens (stars), Earth, Mid-region and the Heaven. … 3.


The Rig Veda, X.129

It is not that unreal it was; nor it is that world (posited reality) existed then.
Ere was no becoming/activity (rajas), nor were there the far-reaching skies.
Enveloped in mist (mystery)! In whose protection!
Wherein rested the fathomless waters (particles)! ... 1.

There was neither [concept] of death and immortality;
No signs of day and night either.
[But] That One alone, unmoving, one-with-His-Power (Nature) existed:
Other than (outside) Him, nothing indeed existed. ... 2.

Nature was initially wrapt in utter inertia (tamas).
Then It flooded all regions with activity.
Nature that remains subordinate, material cause of manifested world,

Was activated by virtue of His eminent Tapas (Enlightened Will). ... 3.

Thus, in the beginning, Desire emerged,
Which became the primal seed of mind.
Propelled by intuitive mind, Seers grasped

The mysterious link between transitory world and the Eternal. ... 4.


Light (manifestation) of these (causes) pervaded all directions:

Far above and deep underneath,

There were creatures smitten by desire; liberated ones too were there;

Below was the Nature (Energy); and above (His) Will. ... 5.


Who (or Lord of Creatures) knows with certainty or can describe exactly:

By whom and by what means this creation is brought forth.

Along creation were born gods (the keepers of universe),

Then who can verily know wherefrom the creation! … 6.


Night (vikalpa) is comparable to sound sleep (sushupti) for which the Brihadaranyka Upanishad says:

The gods are no more gods, worlds no more worlds. The Mandukya Upanishad explains that state as unified and where only the lord of all, omniscient, inner controller and source of contingent beings is there.


Wherefrom this creation has come! Whether He held it out or He did not!

O dear, only He, the Overseer in the highest heavens, knows.

[But anyone who says] else knows, does not know. … 7.  

‘Whether He held it out’ suggests whether He is blamable.

Else can not know as manifested beings or even gods were not there before creation.

Some translate the last two lines as 'Only Overseer knows or he does not know.'

The case 'Omniscient supervising God does not know' is just absurd.


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